Barak was born in February 1792, probably in Union County, South Carolina where his parents resided at the time. Barak was the 10th child of Phillip and Salome Club Chambers. He married (before 1820) Agnes Sandford who was born circa 1797 in South Carolina. Barak as a farmer and a landowner. On 7 April he sold 200 acres of land in Pickens District, South Carolina to Spencer Chambers for forty dollars. Barak and Agnes resided in Pendleton/Pickens District, S. C. In 1829 up to 2 sons and 2 daugthters were living with them; in 1830 up to 5 sons and 2 daughters; in 1840 up to 4 sons and 4 daughters.

Barak was a fouding member of Holly Springs Baptist Church in May 1828, and he was the church clerk from May 1828 until June 1834. On 24 October 1835 Barak was appointed the minister of Holly Springs Church, and he served in that capacity until 1841, During this period Barak occasionally preached at Long Creek Church and at Double Springs Church. He remained an active member of the church after 1841, as The Keowee Courier reported that a Mrs. Frances Hughes Dickson "was baptised into the fellowsip of the Holly Springs Baptist Church by Rev. Barak Chambers in 1845." Agnes was also an active member of Holly Springs Baptist Church, as well as Leonard and Miranda Chambers ( a son and daughter-in-law).

Barak died on 7 February 1847 and is presumably buried in the Holly Springs Baptist cemetery. As a widow Agnes resided in Pickens District, S. C. in 1850 with five of her children (Jennette, Thomas, Julia Ann, Salome and Spencer). Agnes later moved to Georgia, and in Dec. 1856 she resided in Lupkin County, Georgia, presumably with the children listed above. Agnes moved with her son Thomas Lunar Chambers (who married Margaret Roe) to Marshall County, Alabama in 1859. Thomas took care of his mother and two of his sisters (Nennette and Julia Ann), and Agnes lived in her son's house until her death on 14 June, 1890. She was buried at Myrtle Tree Cemetery, Marshall County, Alabama.

From Roger David Chambers, Aurora College, 347 S. Gladstone, Aurora, Ill. Sept. 1982