The Stone Family was in the Cross Cut area for many years, but little information has been available for this
web site. One of the descendants, Adelia, has sent this email. Any further genealogy or information about this
old and respected family would be appreciated by many readers. Email any information or corrections to 

 I do have a little info that you might like to know. I called Estell Gunthrie in Brownwood and talked to her today and she help me out some. My dad is the one they called Little  Charlie. Grandfather and Grandmother Stone once lived on the Stone Ranch. I think he must be the one that built it. He was married twice that I know of and had two sets of kids. I can't remember Grandmother Stone name but think that his was Decator Stone. They had the following children: Albert,Tulla,Charlie,Monte,Ray,and another girl .Albert married Johnnie Newton and had several children. they have both passed away and are burried at Cross Cut. Charlie ( Uncle Charlie) as we knew him married Jenny Martin. They had one son Dub and he married Ondelia Jackson .( She was the daugther of Charles Jackson that ran the Cross Cut store for many years. )Dub and Ondelia had two children a boy named Bill and a girl named Jeanna. Monte lived at Talpa and was married and had several children. Ray was my dad's father and he married Myrtle Baucom.They only had my father as Ray died when dad was very young.Little Charlie married Georgre Cecil Cook form Cross Plains. They had to children myself (Adelia) and my sister Madeline.As you can see we are also kin to the Baucom's.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Many of the Stones are burried at Cross Cut Cemetary.