Compiled by John Limmer

Businesses shown did not exist at the same time, but the locations shown represent the location of the business at the time of its existence.

100 - Pickett's Ice House
101 - Old School Ground
102 - Thomason's Grocery
103 - Campbell's Service Station
200 - Jim Pickett's Blacksmith Shop
201 - Jim Pickett's Home
202 - Blue Front Service Station
203 - Mrs. York's City Cafe
204 - Byrd's Gen. Store, Plummer Drug, Evans Drug
205 - Byrd's Gro. & Odd Fellow Hall
206 - Tom Chambers Service Station, Lawrence Byrd's Service Station
207 - Clark's Service Station (Small rock building)
300 - Clarks Gro. and Postoffice
301 - Jackson's Drug Store and Postoffice
303 - Tinney's Grocery
304 - Newton Drilling Co. and Pipe Yard
307 - Gregg's Service Station
400 - Cross Cut Hotel
402 - Teague's Garage

Dr. S. R. Chambers built the two-story building (205) in the early 1900's and operated a drug store on the ground floor. The Odd Fellow Lodge occupied the top story. Stairs to the second floor were outside the building on the back of the store. The lodge disbanded in the late 20's.