CROSS CUT METHODIST CHURCH ROLL


In 1886, the year following the founding of the Baptist Church, the first Methodist Church of Cross Cut was established. Information concerning the Cross Cut Methodists is taken from the publication, "Cross Plains-Burkett, Texas Methodists", Estill Franklin Allen, Editor.

That publication tells us the Methodist Church roll for the period 1890 to 1894, carried 78 names, representing 32 families. Those persons, assumed to be the charter members, are shown below underscored and in italics. Those who joined between 1894 and 1952 are shown in standard type face. As with the Baptist roll, it is necessary to insert a disclaimer concerning the list of members as shown. Those persons who periodically updated the church roll were apparently not bound by the laws of uniformity and/or standardization. Consequently, in some cases there may be duplications within a given family group, e.g., Bertha Smith may well be Bertie Smith, who may also be Mrs. Bob Smith, and Mrs. R. C. Smith. To avoid leaving anyone out, I listed all of the names as recorded. If, as in the example, your family name is Smith, I leave it up to you to weed out the redundancies.

Allen, Mrs. Alvah, and Mrs. J. B.

Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. Newton, and Mrs. Susie

Annstrong, W.M. and V.E./ and Willis

Barnett, Harold

Baucom, Mack and Alice

Baum, Geo. T .

Beal, Mrs.

Bell, Cletia

Berry, Mr. & Mrs. C. H.

Biehl, Mr. & Mrs. A. J.

Bond,A.U. Artha. Charley,. Minnie. S. C. / H.H. and M. E.

Box, Ada. Martha. and R. H.

Bright, Dr. R. L., Alabama, Lila, and O. C.

Broocke, Julia. Minerva. R. A. / and Mattie

Brooks, Mary B .

Brown, Mattie L., and Mrs. Pat

Browning, Mrs. C. M.

Burchfield, Bob and Mary

Byrd, Atchie, Atthio, O. B. and Blanch Howe, Mr. And Mrs. E. C., Elsie, Mrs. Elvie, Mrs. Mack, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Nancy, Mrs. Opal, Onetta, and Susie

Campbell, Cleta Bell, Mr. And Mrs. G. T., Mabel, and Mr. & Mrs. Tom

Carmichael, Mrs. Bulah Cates, Dr. and Mrs., and Evoline

Chestnut, Angeline

Childress, Oma

Clack, Mr. & Sister G. H., Lucy, and Lela, G. F., Jamie, and Tony

Clark, Mr. & Mrs. Eldon, and Alton

Coffelt, E..and R. L.Conlee, L. C. Crosby, U. Dora

Darwin, Thomsa

Davis, Thomas

Davis, Jack and Eula DeBusk, Andrew. M A.. M .I:. Sarah / Mary E., Bula, Nettie, Jennie, Muriel, C. H, C. M., Mr. And Mrs. Clayton, Cora Bell, Eula, Lillie, and Rector C.

Deweese, Billie, Dale, James. and Mrs. June

Dibrell, Mr. & Mrs.George, Dorothy, Frank, and Mary Lou

Dobbs, Mary

Dorwin, S. T.

Dryden, Mr. And Mrs., and Elizabeth

Duasso, Nora

Duncan, Ada

Dunlap, Mr .& Mrs. Claude, and Mary Bell

Earley, Mrs. Mabel

Eaton, Dan

Edington, Jinnie. Samuel. Maggie. and Mollie/ Elsie May, Grace, H.B., Lorene,

Manola, Minnieola, Mrs. Lonnie, Myrtle, and Ocie

Enloe, Nathaniel l.

Eubank, Manerva

Evans, Mrs. T. P. and Jack

Farr , A.

Fleming, Mr. & Mrs. A. C., and Mr. & Mrs. W. R.

Fosset, Mrs. Pearl

Franklin, Winnie, Poter

Gafford, Mary and T. M., Gus, Mrs. Emma, Inez, and J. W.

Gaines, Lulu/ Mrs. Eddie, Edna, Lila, and Rena

Golson, Martha./ Mr. And Mrs. M. R., Mr. And Mrs. M. E., Edna

Goza, Mr. & Mrs. B. B.

Graham, Phil

Halford, R. H.

Harden, J. M.

Harrell, J. E.

Hassenzahl, Mr. & Mrs. C. R., and Lucile

Hawkins, M.R.

Henslee, H. H., Reba, and Ruth

Henson, Mamie (Minnie) and Lucy

Hicks, Annie

Hill, Mr .& Mrs. Robert

Hinson, Esta M., J. T. and M.

Hounshell, Anderson, Myrtle, and Oliver

Howard, Mrs. I. M.

Hubbard, Oneta

Hughes, Mr. & Mrs. W. T.

Hunter, Andie Modene

Jackson, Charlie and Ondilla

Johnson, Mr .& Mrs. Marvin

Jones, Sarah/. Mr. & Mrs. J. C., Rev. S. F., M. E., Miss Willie, Mrs. S. A., and Sister G. H.

Jowers, Mrs. Geo., Miss Betty Pearl, Miss Georgia Nell, and Miss Marion Grace

Keeler, Alton, C. N., Carmon, Clara, Cora, Delmar, Ercell, Lancaster, May,

Nardell, Sam, and Mrs. Mary

Keller, John and Mattie

Kelly, Willard

Kilgore, Mrs. J. C.

King, Lafayette and Mollie

McCrider, J. T. and P. R

McDaniel, J. M., Mrs. V. T., M., and Lula M.

McDonough, Jewel Mattie, Mavaline

McElroy, Nancy

McKay Pearl

McLaughlin, Blake and Inez

McMahan, Christine

Mackey, Pearl

Malory , Katy

Mason, Atchie (Byrd) and Susie (Byrd)

Maudlin, Mrs. Alvin

Maynard, Maggie

Medcalf, John

Merritt, Mr. & Mrs. John R.

Meyers, James

Milery , I. T.

Miller, Sam L.

Mills, E. M.

Moore, Cecil, Cora, Dan, Dave, DeArmond, and Lodine

Morton, Mr. J. E.

Myers, Doris Ray

Neff, B..l E..M. and R

Newton, Anderson. Caroline. Henry. and Nettie A. / O.B., Hettie, Austin, Gilda,

Howard, Imogene, Ina (Chambers), Jack Terry, Lawrence, W.J., and Zettie

Oliver, Mrs. J. L. and Mrs. McCoy

Palmer, Mr. & Mrs. A. H.

Pentecost, Heather. James. L.L.. M T:. M V:. R.M.. Sarah A.. W.S. /R. W. and Hattie, J.B., Fannie, Uslora     Euta, Dora, Annie, Ruie, Annie, Jack, Maggie, Mr. And Mrs. W.S., and Wanda

Pethtel, George and Eualion

Petty , Mrs. Ommy

Pevehouse, Mrs. John

Pickett, Dorcus and Cletia Bell

Pittman, Lorene

Plummer, Mr .& Mrs. A. H.

Porter, Belmer

Prater, E.M.Eula L.. G.M. JH.. and ME./L.M., Allie, Mr. & Mrs. Walter, Nina, Thelma

Prichard, Mrs. Q.C., Bryan, and Pam, Mrs. Bran

Pritchett, Mrs. O. C

Proctor, Mr .& Mrs. Ernest

Purcell, Mattie Lee, Mrs. Nancy, and Mrs. Tennessee

Ramsey, Medie

Ratliff, Mrs. Dick, and Laura

Reed, Mr. & Mrs. Frank

Renfro, Mrs. G.W., Billie, and Madeline

Roberts, Ova

Robins, Mrs. D.A

Robinson, W.F.

Sandel, E.A., Lillie, Ora


Shannon, Mrs. Claude

Slate, Clayton, Cleburne, Myrtle, and Willie May

Smith, Emilv J:. andE. T:

Snivly, S. J.

Stewart, S.D.. andMary T;/ Willie

Stone, Rosela. ME.. and S.D. / Susan, Mrs. Ollie, Ondelia, Albert, G.D. and Hattie

Terry, Jack

Thomas, Mr .& Mrs. Perno

Thompson, A.M [JM* Elizabeth

Triplitt, S. and VE. / , Hattie

Walker, Mr. & Mrs. J.G., and Curtis

Weathers, Harmon B., J.B., Rosa Lee, and Sealy

West, Walter

Westennan, Anna, Mattie, Minnie, Allie, Adelia, Clara, Pearl, and Eliza

Whittle, Mrs. W.J.

Wilks, Lillie May

Williams, Bertha, Claudine, and Kathleen

Williamson, Bertie

Willingham, Mr. & Mrs. C.H.

Willis, Anderson. F: .Lillie. Pink. and Sister / Etna, Mrs. P .M. (M.P. ), Sam L.,

Claud, Claudia, Mrs. G.W., and Ollie

Wilmont, Mr. & Mrs. C. S.

Wilson, Walter, Minnie, Ben, Minda, Francis, Jennie

Windom, Annie

Woolridge, Josephine, Marshall, Mattie Emily, Eula, Mrs. C. H., and Noe

Records further indicate the founding pastor of the church was Mr. J. K. Watson. Reverend Watson's successors at the Methodist pulpit were:

1903 -Bowden, J. W.

1907 -Brandon, W .L.

1908- Jones, W.T.

N/A -McGuire, D.A

1910- Wilkins Charles E.

1915- Capps, R. T.

1916- Reese, R. L.

1918 -Harnes, A C.

1920- Oliver, J. L. 1941 -Walker, J.G.

1923 -McConnell, W. L.

1927- Weathers, J. B.

1929-Renfro, G. W.

1931 -Davenport, RH

1932- Mauldin, Alvin

1933 -Nance, H.H.

1935- Fisher, Wm. S.

1936- Merritt, John R

1938 -Brown. Pat

1939- Barnett, Hubert

1942/1950 -No Records

1951- Grace, S. R.