My name is Rebecca Lynn Irwin, Jesse Blackstone Byrd is my ggg grandpa... His daughter Lucinda married Cornelious Irwin.. We have a couple of family stories about how Neal came to Texas.


1. It was said that he was orphaned and went to Texas with the Byrd wagon train.

2 That he went to Texas on a Cattle drive.


We can not find any other information on him or his parents. I was reading in a Tale of Two Trains that James Neal Byrd Sr had written a book "Exodus From Stone County, Missouri". I have looked and can not find a copy of this writing.  Could you please tell me where I could find this book.. Cornelious and/or his family could have joined the Byrd wagon train in Arkansas instead of Missouri.  I could not find any evidence that Cornelious was ever in Brown County.. We have found him in Johnson County, TX  1880 Census and he married Lucinda (Byrd) Baty (it is listed as Lucretia Baty) 2/20/1873 in Comanche County, TX.. I can not find anything on him or his family before this time.. Any assistance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You

 Rebecca  Rebecca.Newman@okfb