By John Limmer

It would appear the roll depicted in the "Cross Cut Baptist Church " log was accurate for the time period September, 1910 through September, 1929. The first Conference Meeting recorded in the "Convention Church Record" was held on February 7, 1943, with the final entry being dated April 27, 1955. Obviously, if a person were added to -and then removed from the church roll either prior to 1910~ or during the "record gap" between 1929 and 1943, the chance exists that person might not be included in the list below. With that unfortunate, but unavoidable disclaimer, I give you the It1en1bership roll for the Cross Cut Baptist Church:

Adams, Mrs. Frank Allison, Coy

Arledge, Alton, Belle, C. J., Jack, Mattie, Mr. & Mrs. T. A., Mr. & Mrs. F. A., Mrs. Jess, Nedra, S. P., and W. C.

Bailey, Mr. & Mrs. Hemy, and Mrs. T. J.

Barr, E. Hale

Baucom, Alto & Hattie, Arvin, Billie Jo, Billy Paul, Bobby, Emma, Inez, Marie, Bill & Daisy, and Mr. & Mrs. C. W.

Baum, Billie Ruth

Baxter, Aleck, Alvie, H., Leonard, and Neal

Bell, Mrs. Steve

Bishop, Docia, Isaac, Miss, and Virgil

Bright, Ethel

Bryan, Herman, Mr.W. L. and Miss Lillie

Burkett, Mrs. Preston

Byrd, Addie, Courtney, Eliza, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse, Joe, Lawrence, Leroy, Leta, Beulah Lee, Lillian, Madie Belle, Mrs. Claude, Mrs.    

Ernest, Mrs. Jake, Nannie, Ola, and R.

Calk, Billie, Doris, Gerald, Mr .& Mrs. , and Oberlee.

Carroll, (No first name or initials)

Cary, Isola, Josie, Lindsey, S. B., and Thomas

Casey, Coleman, Dave, and Lillie

Chambers, Lola

Clark, Alton, Billie Ruth, Cisero, Claudie, E. B., Luke & Eva, F. J., J. C., Julie, L. Z. C., Lovonia, M. C., Mr. & Mrs. Clois, Mr. & Mrs. E. B., Mrs. John, Rip T. J., T. J. Jr., Vera, and Walton

Cole, Mr. & Mrs. Guy, and Mildred

Coley, Mr. & Mrs.

Conlee, Addie, Alta, I. D., John, Mary, Mr. & Mrs., and Addie

Conner, Rev. & Mrs. Jack

Corder, Mr. & Mrs. J. T., and Mrs. & Mrs. R. B.

Cowan, Mrs. Bryant, Bryant, Jr ., and Mrs. Kate

Crabtree, Ella, Emma, Maggie, and Willie

Curtis, Zelma

Davis, Harold, Wayland, and Willis & Neva Lee

Dixon, Mrs. J. W.

Dobbs, (No name or initial)

Duffer, Kathryn

Dunlap, Mr .& Mrs. Due, Mrs. Vera

Dunn, Mrs. Temple

Eaton, Charlie, Josie, and Mr. & Mrs. S. C.

Edington, Ida

Edwards, Mr. Alec

Elsberry, Mrs. Fred, Fredie, Glena, Radon, and S. A.

Evans, Mr. & Mrs. R. P., and Elsie

Farley, Rev .& Mrs. Quint

Farr, Stella

Fomby, Forrest, Gladys, and Mr. & Mrs. 0. B.

Forbs, Dorce, Dorcus, J. F., and Luther

Ford, Mr. & Mrs. J. M.

Frye, Mrs. S. A. Gafford, Mrs. Ethel and Mrs. Goldie

Gaines, Addie, Anderson, Barrie, Carrie, Cora, Dan, Edman, G. B., Grandpa, Grandma, Irene, John H., Johnie, Louis, Major, Martin W., & Eddie, Sallie, Viena, W. F., W. M., Geraldean, and Henry.

Garlitz, Mr. & Mrs., and Dorma

Goddard, Mrs. Lottie

Gotcher, E. F., J. A., and Laska

Grabel, Ida

Graves, Mr .& Mrs. Otic Greenwood, Nona

Greggs, Mr. & Mrs. Eldon, and Nelda

Griffin, Evelene, and Percy Leon

Harris, Mr. & Mrs.

Haught, Billy

Henderson, Mr .& Mrs. J. D .

Hill, Billie Frances, Elbert, Emma Lee, L. L., and Mr. & Mrs. J. D.

Hooper, Judson, and Mrs. J. A.

Horton, Mr. & Mrs. Earl, Mary Francis, and Patsy Erline

Howard, Dr.

Hull, Dora Lee, and Viola

Humphrey, Mr. & Mrs. Vernon

Jackson, Charlie, Dick, Doris, and Reverend Edd

Jones, Clemmie, Clint, George, Jim, Joetta, Margaret, and Reverend Aud

Jowers, Mr. & Mrs. George, Betty Pearl, Georgia, and Grace

Jutzee, Mrs. (Spelling uncertain)

Kitchen, Mrs. Geo. H.

Lange, Mr. & Mrs. H. C.

Lantz, Mr. & Mrs. D. E.

Lobstein, Berna Dean, and Betty Sue

Logan, Nollie, and Wanda

Logans, Mrs. Aruenia

Long, Myrtle

Looney, Eastell

Man, J. L., and Willie

Mathis, Mr. & Mrs.

Maxwell, Mrs., and Billy M.

McCasland, Rev. & Mrs. Paul

McDonough, Mrs. Charles

McKeehan, Mr .& Mrs. Jim, Alene, Billie Ellen, Delraye, Margaret, Mary Helen, and Peggy

McNutt, Mary

Meadow, Florence, Jack, and Lillie

Melton, Mr. & Mrs. Lee, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar, and Winnie Jane

Miller, Jess 0., and Junior

Moore, Mr .& Mrs. Birle, Annie, and Waymond

Murry , Mr .& Mrs. George

Nations, Safrona

Neal, Bernice

Necessary, Mrs., and Lauren

Nelson, Reverend & Mrs. A H., Carroll Lee, and Helen Norene

Newsome, Harry, L. W., LoUie, M F., Ralph, Raymond, and Sallie

Newton, Charlie, Emma, 1. M., J. W., Jennie, John, John P. & Irene, Johnnie Linden, Loyda, Mr. & Mrs. Roy, Nora, and Ross & Louise

Norris, Mr. & Mrs. Homer

Nunn, Oma, and W. N.

Oliver, Mr. & Mrs. F. B.

Overstreet, A. C. , and Emma

Parks, Jennie, and Ola

Parson, Mrs. E. H.

Pearl, Henry

Pentecost, Bertha, and Edd

Pickett, Darcus, Eugene, Mr. & Mrs. Arvel, Mr. & Mrs. Robert, Nettie, and Tabitha

Plummer, Mrs. Laura

Prater, Nona

Pickerel, Iren

Purcell, Mr. & Mrs. Walter

Purvis, Mr .& Mrs. H. L.

Pyle, Mr .& Mrs. Ernest, Carrie, Dorris, Earl, Ida, Ina, and J. A.

Raugh, Odell

Ray, M. E., and W. M.

Roach, Mr. J. A.

Russell, Henry , Allie, Edd, Harry , and Matt

Sadler, Alfred

Sawyer, Mr. & Mrs., and Adanial

Scott, Addie, Hattie, I. T., Jim, and Minnie

Sessions, Mrs. Lillian

Shaw, E. E., and J. H.

Sheppard, Mt. & Mrs. Calvin, Mrs. Tom, and Billie Joe

Sherman, Edd, and J. F.

Slate, Mr .& Mrs. Louis, and Lucy

Smelly, Mr. D. F., and Mrs. Ollie

Smith. Mr. & Mrs. H. H., Eva, and MoUie

Sowell" Mr. & Mrs. Charlie, Kenneth. and Stewart

Stacy, Marabel, Nettie, Saphorina, and Tom

Stambaugh, Roy and Laurita

Stewart, Mrs. J. T .

Stockton. Burnice, Elva, and Fay

Stone, Albert, Johnnie, and Myrtle

Strange, Ethel

Sutton, Mr. G. W.

Swink, Mr. & Mrs. J. R.

Tabor, Mrs. Jewel

Teague, Mr. & Mrs. Charlie, Alton, Billy Wayne, Johnnie, and Mrs. John

Teston, Mr. & Mrs. Allen, A. B., Buna, Distil, Girtrude, Hestie, L. R., Mrs. S. A.

Todd, Mrs.

Triplitt, Lizzie

Underwood, Lizzie, and Norman

Upton, Dr. & Mrs. A. F., and Pearl

Walker , Charlie, Glyn, Irene, and OIVin Waiters, Beulah

Watson, Mrs., Daisy, Jennie, and Simon

Webb, Mrs. Lilia

Westerman, Mrs. Dow, Burla, Lula, and Sue

Wilhelm, Mr. & Mrs. Charley

Wilkins, R. L.

Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Vernon, Mrs., Adder, Effie, Jewel, Lucinda, and Robert

Woods, Mrs.

Wooldridge, Ausie & Vera, and May. Yancey , Mr .& Mrs. Allie

For a town whose total population never exceeded 150 souls, the list is impressive. Each of those on the roll at one time or another stepped into the soul-cleansing waters of the bayou or the baptistery a sinner, and emerged a born again Christian, and upstanding member of the Cross Cut Baptist Church. Unfortunately for a few, while baptism in the eyes of the typical layperson is a true Christian's key to the pearly gates, it does not necessarily carry a lifetime warranty. As the Bible says, "'the flesh is weak", and the shepherds of the church are ever vigilant to the actions of their flock. Evidence to that vigilance can be seen in an entry into the Church Conference journal during the Spring of 1923 meeting.

"Cross Cut Baptist Church Conference -May 28, 1944

A motion was made by Bill Baucom and seconded by Roy Newton to withdraw fel/owship .from Mr. And Mrs. Calvin Sheppard on grounds of heresy. Mr. Sheppard stated in conference, at Bro. Allen's request, that he had joined another church.