Elisha Chambers
Anyone having information concerning Elisha Chambers Genealogy
please email to cwctlc@msn.com

I found your name on the migrations.org site with a listing for Solomon Chambers in
Alabama. I'm looking for information on Elisha Chambers, who was also a doctor. He was
born in Georgia in 1833, married in Georgia 1850/51 and made his way to Benton,
Arkansas. He had a tleast one son born in Alabama, William and possible Robert. His
parents were from SC/Ga. Would you have any information on him?
Chuck Chambers

Please feel free to put my letter on your site as I'm the only one in my family doing any
geneology work. Elisha and Evaline are as far as I have gotten. They were both born in
Georgia in 1833. Elishas' parents were from SC and Ga. Other than that, I have my family
back to Elisha and 5 sons in Arkansas.
Thanks for the addresses of the other researchers!!! I need al the help I can get!
BTW, I'm related to the Norris' out of Fannin Co, Tx.
Chuck Chambers
Arlington, Tx

Jan. 6, 2004
I got a little more information on Elisha Chambers this week.... seems some people were in the giving Holiday Spirits!!
 From what I have gotten from a descendent of his wife Evaline Reynolds, Elishas' father was Thomas J Chambers from Gwinnett Co., Ga. and was married to Elizabeth Winn in the mid 1820's. Thomas' father was Thomas Chambers Jr, which I have found little info on and his wife was Sarah Alston, I remember seeing this, but not where. Thomas Jr was b in Luenen(sp), Va around 1770.
 The sad news is that Thomas J was supposedly hung in Gwennit Co around 1836 for murder..... also, the Courthouse records were destroyed in 1870, so who knows.