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by Norris Chambers

   In the days just before the Internet I wrote a series of articles for Startext, an online bulletin board feature of the Fort Worth Star Telegram. These articles appeared regularly and were well received by those who read them. My purpose was to provide electronic information for those who were interested and wanted a simple and easily understood source. I am presenting the beginning of this series and if there is enough interest, I will continue with updated material. The basics, as presented here, have not changed, however, electronics has progressed since the original lessons were written.

  From the Old Timer tales of the thirties and forties, I concentrated on my life's work, ELECTRONICS. I have held FCC licenses: First Class Phone, 2nd Class Phone, 2nd Class Radiotelegraph, Experimental KK2XAD, Ham license W5LTZ Adanced and CB License. I have owned and operated Radio and TV Repair Shops and also worked as a Research and Development Technician.

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