Norris Chambers Old Timer's Tales

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Norris Chambers passed away on March 22, 2013.
He truly enjoyed sharing his tales with you.
Norris' final tale is now included in his "Old Grizzly Tales" collection.

Welcome to the personal site of Norris Chambers, an old timer who wishes to pass along
some special Old Timer Tales

Click on a story title to read one of my Old Timer's Tales

Good Old Chicken
How We Made Gasoline
Circus Time
Peanut Butter
How We Made Soap
Two Longs And A Short
Cross Cut, Texas
Cucklebur and Tumbleweed
Country Engineering
Country Christmas of the Thirties
Making Syrup At Home
Typing Conan Stories
If In Doubt, Use A Washpot!
Another Washpot Tale!
Hot Music On A Burned Fiddle
Where Has All The Carbide Gone?
Big Balloons Were Big Fun
Remember The Choo-Choo Trains?
Old Time 'Possum Hunting
Having Fun With A Merry-Go-Round
Model T's Had Character
Crystal Radios Are Fun
Buggy Whip Justice
Pyramid Mystery Solved
How We Built A Steam Engine!
To Bee Or Not To Bee!
Border Radio Of The Thirties
Treasure Is Where You Find It
A Hermit's Home
Building Sand Castles
Making Butter Wasn't Easy
Water! Water! Give Me Water!
My Old Cabin Home
A Famous Fighting Turkey
Milking Is For Milkmaids!
Searching For Gold In Colorado
Old Timer Reveals Cat Secret

A Fighting Gobbler
Everybody Needs A Donkey
Digging Can Be Fun!
Don't Depend On A Pocket Knife
Work Like You Live
A Visit To Cat Gorge
What Time Is It?
Making Top Notch Tops!
Halloween Was Strictly Treat Time
If You Can't Eat It, Can It
Another Old Fort Worth Tale
A Country Boy Visits World's Fair
If The Fish Didn't Bite, Something Else Would
The Worst Job I Ever Had
Oil Boom Touches Sand Lappers
In Memory Of A Good Sand Lapper
If You Can't Load It, Slide It
An Old Timer's Playtime
History of Hog Hollow
Just Call Me Chicken
Another Cotton Picking Day
Just Scratch It
Watermelon Thieves on the Prowl
The Clock Monster Strikes
The Oldtimer Does Wire Walking
The Oldtimer's Gas Service
Hair Cutters of the Thirties
Cellar Banking in the Thirties
The Old Timer Becomes a Printer
Free Folk Art!
Open a Gate- Just Bump It!
Cane,The Wonder Crop
Old Timer Gets Yanked From Musical Career!
Old Timer Gets Mistaken for Cat Burglar
Short Short Stories by the Old Timer
Making Money at Home - For Fun
Electronics - For Fun by the Old Timer
A Tribute to Clifton Chambers
My Grandpa - Thomas S. Williams

Copyright 2013 Norris Chambers

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