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Many people have come and gone since the beginning of this pioneer community!
Now it is nothing more than a ghost town with a few survivors huddled in the old township. The streets (which were never paved or identified) are now country trails, smoothed occasionally by the county.I give Special Thanks to John Limmer for his research and efforts in bringing us this wealth of information about Cross Cut and for his permission to display his work here. I hope to eventually have his whole book on this site. He has this comment:

I think you should know, and maybe you already do, I undertook that task compiling a history ofCross Cut for two reasons,and two reasons only: first, to keep yet another small Texas town from following the path to historical oblivion taken by so many others, once vibrant but now abandoned and forgotten little settlements like Cross Cut scattered throughout this great state; and, two,to honor the memory of one of the finest men I have had the unique and fulfilling pleasure of knowing - that being Carl Chambers.

Explore this gold mine of memories as articles are added:


ABrief History of Cross Cut, Texas

Cross Cut OldTimer's Tales
Prefaceto Cross Cut Historical Research
A Business Map of Old Cross Cut
A Rose By Any Other Name - -
A Walking Tour of old Cross Cut Suburbs
A Cross Cut Town Girl
The Pentecosts of CrossCut
The Clarks and Pentecosts of Cross Cut
The Wooldridges and Rushings of CrossCut
The Byrds, McPeeters, Lewis’
Courtney Byrd, Stockton's;
Jesse Blackstone Byrd Info and Questions

The Newtons of Cross Cut
The Gaffords of Cross Cut
The Gaines Family of Cross Cut

The Stones of Cross Cut
The Chambers of Cross Cut
Thomas Stevenson Williams -Father of Martha Chambers
Obituary of Clyde Chambers
Membership Cross Cut Baptist Church
Membership Cross Cut Methodist Church
Oscar Melton family Births and Deaths
Old Cross Cut Schools - The 3 R's
1913 Picture of Cross Cut Students
GraduatingClass of 1932-33
Graduating Class of 1934-35

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