The Old Grizzly - Tales from the Old Timer as published in The Grizzly Detail

These tales appeared in The Grizzly Detail newspaper 6-23-2006 to 3-6-2013, Old Timer's Last Tale published 4-10-2013

By Norris Chambers


Old Timer Gets Yanked From Musical Career             

Old Timer's Fun At Picnic

Old Timer Tangles With Loud Ant

A Photo For Your Thoughts

Old Time Hair Cut

 Playtime in the Old Days   

The Big Balloon

Just Salt the Bird's Tail

Border Radio of the Thirties

Big Box Supper

Cane - the Wonder Crop

Big Fun With Carbide

The Cattle Kill Day

When Characters Gather

Old Timer's Circus Career

Clifton Gets Lesson in Critter Holding

Old Timer Brings Music From The Past

Just Go Fly A Kite

Old Timer Finds A Full House

A Certain Street Holds Attraction for Barber

The Medicine Show Cures All Ills

Newspapers Wear Many Hats

Old Timer's Newspaper Phobia

A Possum Chews Tobacco

Old Timer Gets Snake Bit

Old Timer in High Cotton

Old Timer's First Recording

Old Timer Wins one - Loses One!

If You Can't Eat It - Drink It!

A Clutch Is Not Always A Handshake!

To Be Loud - Get High!

It's All In How You Play The Game!

Old Timer Meets Hobo!

Chicken This and Chicken That!

Chicken This and Chicken That! Part 2

Old Timers Lick Mailbox Problem

Corn on the Cob - Not on the Foot!

Tradesday at Night Meeting

Just One Card Short

Wild Dates of the Thirties!

Build Yourself a Canal

Old Timer Moves a Lot of Dirt

Listen to the Weasel Pop!

Beware of Old Timer's Fireworks!

If The Wind Blows the Bike Goes!

Old Timer's Buzzing Fun Thing!

Old Timer Blames The Bird!

Old Timers Trick Tricky Uncle!

Old Timers Don't Steal!

Old Timer Changes Route!

Looking Glasses For Old Timer

Old Timers Have Fun With Fire!

Old Timers Meet Old Slim!

Old Timer Clips A Cat!

Old Timer's Jack Rabbit Tale!

Old Timer's Jelly Stuff!

Old Timers Juice It Up!

Old Timer Discovers New Ride!

Castor Oil For The Old Timer!

Old Timers Wilt Wet Welder!

Old Timers Turn Out Tops!

Clifton Drives New Car!

Old Timer Loses Sometimes!

Uncle Marion is Back - No. 3!

Old Timer Battles Big Depression!

Old Timer's Fun Farming!

A Sand Box For The Old Timer!

Old Timers Mauled By Rodent!

Happy Hurdy Gurdy to Old Timer!

Old Timer's Moving Pictures!

Old Timers Rig Fun Hunt!

Old Timer's Mesquite Affray!

Old Timers Thwart Sand Kickers!

Old Timer's Good Advice!

Old Timers See Badger Bashed!

Old Timers Have Hot Day!

Old Timer's Gold Finder!

Old Timer's Odd Discovery!

Old Timer's On The Job Traininig!

A Crawfish For The Old Timer!

Old Timers Walk Tall!

Old Timers Enjoy Bumblebee Brawl!

Party Games For The Old Timer!

Cross Words For The Old Timer!

Old Timers Tackle Tough Task!

"A Fun Trip For The Old Timers!

"Old Timer's Baseball Tale!

"Old Timers Battle Ice Cream Problem!

Table Goodies or Train Wreck!

Old Timers Are Woodworkers!

A Bear Shooter For Old Timers!

Old Timer Shapes Radio Power!

"An Old Timer's Footware!

"An Old Timer's Last Job!

"Old Timer Tells Shocking Tale!

"Old Timers Prefer Agate Taws!

"Flea Fun For Old Timers!

"Old Timer's Fishing Fun Fails!

"An Old Timer Bites The Dust!

"Old Timer May Have Fingeritis!

"A Cheap Pistol For an Old Timer!

"Grits and Gravy For The Old Timers!

"Old Timer Sees Some Changes!

"Old Timers Vote For Bands!


"Wild Turkey for the Old Timers!

"Sugar and Spice for the Old Timers

"High Speed For Old Timers

"Merry Christmas for the Old Timers!

"Nickels for the Old Timers!

"Old Timer's Picture Talent!

"Old Timer Finds New Kind of Snake

Some Crabs Do More Than Complain!

Old Timer Remembers Crazy Climb

Old Timer's Financial Debut

Creek Crossing Device

Old Timer's First Dentist Encounter

Turn Left at First North Intersection

Just Dream You Dreamed It

Grandmas Do Good Things!

Please Pass the Peas to Clifton

A Dose of Feather Tea Will Do It!

Fiddle Sticks For Fine Fiddling

Just Follow The Signs

Folk Art For Free!

Old Timer's Free Gas

Cousin John's Fast Food

Halloween Time is Trick Time

The Old Timer Turns Hammy

Hay Baling Time in the Thirties

If In Doubt, Use Highlife!

Old Timer Does Wire Walking

Water Tank Bullies

Old Timer Tries Watch Repair

Those Town Cows

Old Timer's Midget Friend

Old Timer Harassed By Teen Gangsters!

If It's Wet It's Water

If You Gotta Go - go Cheap!

If It Rains, Look For A Rainbow !

Old Timer's Old Uncle - Marion Jones!

Old Timer's Transportation Trauma

Old Timer Wins Impossible Argument!

Just One Of The Jones Boys!

WOW - Suitable For Framing!

From Riches to Rags

Thelma and Harriet Didn't Stink!

Some Good In All Wind

Freshman Day Was For The Birds!

Old Timer's Piewheel Tussle

Just Follow The Tracks

Old Timers Steam It Up!

These Birds Are For The Birds!

Old Timer's Big Fun at the Prom!

Old Timers Tall Tree Tussle!

Old Timers Join Branding Buddies!

No Tumbleweeds for a Ghost Town!

Old Timer Whips Out Essays!

Dogs Have Have Their Days!

Music Is Where You Find It!

The Old Timers Cool It!

If Everything Else Fails Try Sulfur!

Old Timers Were On A Roll!

Old Timers In Lather Over Fish!

Old Timers Discover Fun Thing!

Old Timers Become Bean Wranglers!

Old Timers and Cornstalk Talk!

The Old Timer's Stubbornless Mule!

Just Don't Get Sick!

Old Timers Cool Treats!

Old Timer's Jail Threat!

Over the Hill to the Poor House!

Old Timer's Fence Tale

Bully Learns From Old Timers!

Yard Sales of Long Ago

Old Timer's Unhappy Thanksgiving!

Waterboys For The Old Timers!

Old Timer's Garbage Day!

Old Timer Tackles Flivver Finding!

Old Timer's Ashes Tale!

Don't Scam An Old Timer!

A Dirt Tank For The Old Timer!

Your Move - I Moved Yesterday!

Old Timers Win Grass War!

Old Timers Without Sidekicks!

Old Timers Keep it Cool!

Old Timer's Early Learning!

Old Timers's Miss Fun Ride!

Old Timers Get Stumped!

Old Timer's Money Field!

An Old Timer Named Jack!

Block and Tackle For Old Timer!

Old Timers Keep It Clean!

Old Timer And The Noisy Saw!

The Largest For The Old Timer!

The "do-ra-me" Era!

"Old Timer Wears New Hat!

Cabbage For The Old Timer's Cow

More Gin For Old Timers

West Rooms For Old Timers!

If In Doubt Just use Grout!

Hogmeat Slows Old Time Romance!

Old Timers Earn Strange Name!

Old Timers Like It Fried!

Old Timers Welcome New Student!

Beetles Scam Old Timers!

Students Didn't Do All Of The Fighting!

Old Timer's Last Halloween Show

Short War For The Old Timers!

Old Timers Become Life Savers!

Grandma Has Her Day!!

Old Timer's Fun on the Farm!

The Old Timers and the Cow's Tail!

Old Timers Always Check the Boots!

Willow Bows or Slingshots!

Scary Notes for an Ol Timer!

Old Timers Want to Push It!

All Froggies Don't Croaki!

Old Timer Rests in Register!


The Old Timer's First Dog

An Old Timer's Fancy Valentine

A Bullfight for the Old Timer

Old Timer's Last Tale




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